PowerAll PBJS12000R Review — Will it actually jump your car?

I’ve been sending emails back and forth with one of my readers. He was looking for a small portable jump starter for his old Ford. He settled on the PowerAll’s PBJS12000R, and he wrote me a quick review of his experience for me to post here — in case anyone else were looking for the same.

When you need a little more for your buck

That’s what I needed for sure, a little something with a more practical use to it. At the time I wasn’t even aware that a product like this existed, because when you think something that jumps your car, seldom do you also think that it can charge your cell phone, provide you with added battery life to your laptop, perhaps a personal tablet device, even an LED and strobe flashlight in the event of an emergency on the side of the road.


It comes with so many different connectors the only problem you’ll face is trying to figure out which use you’ll want to use this for first. For me I just originally wanted what the device was designed for; I needed a jump starter. I have an older 2000 model vehicle, a Ford. It’s usually reliable, but the alternator isn’t what it used to be. It’ll keep the car going once I start, but once in a blue moon the charge won’t hold. So that’s when I started looking around.

Well I picked the PowerAll because it had one basic function in a Car Battery Booster that I needed; it can jump start a car. So the main thing is down, plus product reviews were pretty rock solid in saying this product was legit… alright, fair enough.

On top of that the product itself came with so much added stuff that my mouth was just watering. Now not everyone makes decent money, and I’m definitely one of them. I use mostly hand-me-down stuff, especially the car which was given to me by my uncle so that he didn’t have to junk or sell it, plus his nephew has a car to get around. Well my brother gave me his old laptop recently too, and it turned out that the laptop was pretty damn lousy in holding a charge.


BA-ZING! I plug it in to my portable pack and I literally have HOURS of battery life without having to plug in. People at school even think I have some new-age stuff since my computer looks different. I always let them guess while I’m surfing on an old windows platform. Just feels nice, because even though I have hand-me-down things, I can still feel like a boss.

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The conclusion

I’d definitely suggest this product to anyone… it’s portable! That’s like the biggest seller right there for me! I can keep it in my pocket like I would my cell phone, or stuff it in my bag. ‘Oh, car won’t start? I just happen to have a CAR CHARGER in my pocket here!’ I can jump someone on the spot like I was Mr. Wizard and that‘s just cool.

So don’t even question it… just buy this thing, you’ll find SO many uses for it in the first week that you’ll forget it’s a car charger, at least until your car battery dies out.

I’ve read that some people with larger engines (V8s, diesels or engines above 3l) have problems using this, also if the weather is cold. For more reliability in bad weathers, or for bigger cars, I suggest you take a look at Schumacher Pro Series jump starters.


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