Jump-N-Carry Car Jump Starters — Reviews of JNC660 and JNC300XL

Jump-N-Carry from Clore automotive is some of the best jump starters you can get. Their best selling model is the JNC660 — with thousands of satisfied buyers and a 5 star average rating on Amazon.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these! It all just comes down to your car how much juice you need to reliably jump start it.

Jump-N-Carry JNC660

When all you need is a jump

So there I was, out in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter. It’s between thirteen degrees and zero, and I just finished my job which… well, we covered that it’s the middle of nowhere. So what happens? Turn the key and the car doesn’t start. As it turns out the battery went dead.

This isn’t an unnatural phenomena during the winter season, though some would argue that extreme cold would actually help to restore a charge, unless the alternator is going… or maybe you are just out of juice—you accidentally left the radio running, which I never do. But what I did do? Leave the lights on.


Fortunately I also had AAA at the time, it was intended to expire next month since the service costs so much, which meant I was going to need to start looking out for myself. So I did. Now it’s never a bad idea to do a bit of backup research when looking for a Battery Booster, and I needed one especially that was going to work through harsh conditions, which is why I picked the Jump-N-Carry in the first place… and let me tell you—it does everything I need it to do.

I work from my car, literally… the office ploy? Well, we need a base of operations, but always being on the road, anything can come up, like in my case of accidentally leaving my lights on. Not to mention I also carry my laptop on me at all times. Having a battery isn’t only a smart move for me, it also saves me the trouble of having to stop somewhere, anywhere without plugging in—all I have to do is pull off to the side of the road and plug my laptop into the Jump-N-Carry, literally making it the one-stop shop as a Battery Booster goes.

Not to mention it helps to shut the kids up-kidding, I love you little munchkins!-but seriously, sometimes I just need a deterring distraction, and since my car is an older model I don’t really have a setup with built in screens. What to do? Rig one up. Plug in a DVD player with miniature screen and let the kids go wild on extended road trips.

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This is possibly the last tool I need.

Now, with any ‘tool’ in the kit, there are some defects to happen… as it turns out though I’ve read from quite a few reviews, not to mention read the warranty, in the event this product is defective one can easily just have it replaced… don’t let this one slip by! It’s worth every penny, and takes care of itself!

Jump-N-Carry JNC300xl

Tom from Atlanta writes:

A mechanic’s delight, even a beginner!

Just as I said; I’m a beginner mechanic. I can’t tell you the difference between certain nuts and bolts, but I change my own oil, I swap out my rotors when they need replacing, and I do the same with my brake pads. Also, when need be I take care of things like jump charges, and not just for myself… when you have the useful skill of being able to do oil changes, people automatically assume you’re a mechanic… well regardless I still love this thing. The Jump-N-Carry did exactly what I needed it to do and more, and since I can recognize basic mechanical malfunctions, just having this like a spare tire in my trunk has saved my ass more times than I can even count; it helped me to do more than a dozen jump charges, plus it acts as a portable charge station that I can hook my power tools up to when I need them—some items require a cord, and I don’t like plugging it into my car.

Besides, have you ever tried to align your car perfectly while on the freeway? It’s about as difficult as it looks, and can possibly land you in worse trouble than you originally got into. Why suffer the hassle? Also, Californians? You’ll be happy to know that it also comes in Energy Compliant standards for California, as well as Oregon. I still don’t know what the difference is between those two, but apparently it is a big deal if you happen to live in one of those two states.

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Now people… let’s be smart. I knew a buddy of mine who once bought a car jumper—top of the line too—turned out he bought it because he was hoping to use it for a vacation he had coming up, and wanted to do something special in having a car jumper just in case, so he can rig a television set to the back of his truck and watch movies with his girl… not only did he ‘not’ get a chance to return it—the charger was a fancy job—he was furious to find that… well, he had no use for it!

I didn’t try returning it myself, but one thing I always check is the availability of return. It has a warranty that covers if it’s defective, but you really should know your car by now. Not all vehicles are the same, and this charger is no exception to the rule.

But in my case I still have yet to find disappointment with it, and I’ve been helping people jump their cars for quite a long time. As keen as I am in the realm of being a mechanic, I’ve actually hit a point where I can handle minor stuff, and since my practice doesn’t always entail suggesting buying a new car for them—since it would ruin what little business I make from people—the next best thing is to have a jumper to help them out and give them a reason to come back to my service.

I won’t go back, and I won’t buy another jumper again after this one. It does what it promises.


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