PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter

Product Name:PBJS12000R
Peak Amp:N/A
For:Small engines/Boats
PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter
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This one is said to jump start all engines, but from my experience that’s not true. Smaller engines works just fine, i.e. boat engines, but it did not work on my car or my motorbike.

  • Portable battery charger with charging adapters for all major electronic devices
  • Compact car jump starter that can jump start your car 20 times on a full charge
  • Ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and SOS signal light that lasts 120 hours
  • Built-in protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection
  • Portable compact design that will easily fit in your pocket, backpack, or glove box for convenience

Comes in 3 versions: 12,000 mAh, 16,000 mAh and 32,000 mAh.

The PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter (U.S. Patented) is a convenient and powerful device that combines 3 different products: a battery charger, a car jump starter, and an LED flash light altogether into one compact design that can easily fit inside your pocket, the glove box inside the vehicle, or carry bag for travel. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of portable power bank battery chargers.

The PowerAll great travel companion that you can take with you on the go to charge all of your portable electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, GPS unit, MP3 players, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems. It’s equipped with two 5V/2.1A USB ports that can charge two separate devices fast and simultaneously. Once devices are fully charged it will go into sleep mode to preserve the battery.

If your car won’t start don’t call a tow truck service or wait on the side of the road for help. Use the PowerAll with the jumper cables to start your car battery in a matter of seconds. Keep it in the glove box at all times and you can use it multiple times. It’s easy and convenient to use that every driver should have one.

Featured reviews

Reviews seems to be mixed, and it basically boils down to what you’re trying to jump.

***UPDATE*** though this will jump start my boat and my 3.6 pentastar jeep jk, it will not start my BMW motorcycle. I imagine this is what some are complaining about. My BMW has a low volt cut off. Being fuel injected, it must have enough power to run the fuel pump to be able to push start. Therefore, it will not try to start under a certain voltage. It also helps protect sensitive electronic equipment. Well. This little box is so small it must experience a voltage drop on starting, so some vehicles may not even try, where others will crank like a champ. It has been very useful over the last year… Used dozens of times.

I was shopping a jumper box for emergencies on the boat. This was smaller and cheaper than the typical box you find at a car dealership. Ive used them, not impressed.

Bought this one on a gamble, only one review and one youtube video that looked like it was done by a dealer. Figured if it worked great, if not, i had emergency backup to use my cell phone as a chart plotter and maybe even charge my handheld vhf. Well, to my surprise it jumps my 3 cylinder outboard like its on a full battery. Full cranking speed, just fine.

Caveat that with the fact it wouldn’t jump the 15 feet from the battery to the outboard with my corroded old bilge water soaked cables, but direct to the engine it was beautiful. (Put off replacing cables… Check). Jumped the outboard 10 times in succession with no problem and it claimed it was still near full charge.

Bonus, it has the usb charging ports that will charge iDevices or anything else. it has a bright enough flashlight. I wonder if i can use the jumper clamps to power 12v devices in a pinch.
It is small enough to pocket (mens clothes) or carry on luggage. Its terribly light for its size. Wonder if its actually a battery or a capacitor bank. There seems to be no way to open it to find out.

All those bonuses add a bonus of… If it gets used regularly, it will probably last better and at very least show that its failing or failed before you need it in an emergency.

The jumper cable door is almost impossible to open. I threaded a nylon thread through it to pull it open. It is not water proof, the only protection of any ports is the high amp outlet for jumping.

Bottom line, i could carry 15 or more of these for the same weight and space as one jump box and it has a bit more utility. I wonder about its ability to jump that hemi like i saw in a video, but smaller engines should be fine. Continue reading.

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