Jump-N-Carry JNC950 2000 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

Product Name:JNC-950
Brand:Clore Automotive
Peak Amp:2000
For:Trucks, Diesel and Large Trucks
Jump-N-Carry JNC950 2000 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter
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Product information

It’s the largest 12 Volt Jump-N-Carry unit Clore manufactures. With 2000 Peak Amps of starting power, it will spin the starters on all class 1-6 commercial trucks. Plus, its heavy-duty Clore PROFORMER battery satisfies the most aggressive portable power users. Its onboard automatic charger can provide up to 24 Hour/365 day continuous charging.

Clore Automotive introduces the JNC950, a 2000 Peak Amp 12-Volt jump starter from Jump-N-Carry. This 12-Volt-dedicated, high output unit is great for diesel shops, fleet maintenance, industrial, and marine applications where deep cranking is the norm, not the exception.

Heavy Duty Jump Starting in a Convenient Package

The JNC950 features a high capacity Clore PROFORMER battery, and has the ability to spin the starter on all class 1-6 commercial trucks. Delivering 2000 Peak Amps and 925 Cranking Amps, it has the power to tackle a wide variety of automotive, industrial and marine applications.

Legendary Truck PAC Durability

Its extra heavy-duty polyethylene case withstands even the toughest work environments, and its industrial grade Hot Jaw clamps easily penetrate corroded battery terminals. This charger also features 46-inch #2 cables that allow ideal positioning while jump starting, and its onboard automatic charger can provide a 24/7 continuous charge.

Customer reviews

This one is said to jump anything! A customer, who owns a small car dealership, writes:

As a owner of a small car dealership, this has got to be one of the best investments that I have made. It is the absolute BEST Handheld Jump Box on the market. It will start any automobile plus with the cigarette lighter plug in. you can carry use it for other purposes. I love the automatic charge feature whereas, I plug it up when not in use and not worry about it over charging the jump box. It weighs probably 25-30 lbs; however, it is a lot easier to carry this than to roll around a portable jump starter. The value you receive is outstanding when compared to a cheaper jump box. You can not go wrong with this. Plus the Battery does come with it contrary to the rolling jump box where you have to buy the battery seprate. (More reviews)

This unit is one step up from the 660 model, and like this buyer writes:

I had decided to spring for this unit as opposed the “660” because of the few [but amazing] reviews I had read (particularly the ability to leave it plugged in and it won’t overcharge). The 660 comes up as #1 in regards to user reviews here on amazon, but that simply because of the NUMBER of reviews. This JNC950 unit has equally good reviews, but only 10% of the reviewERS. Well, I decided to spend the extra for this unit. It jump started my 91 camaro from a complete cold and dead battery – didn’t have to hook directly to battery terminals either. It then started an old piece of crap camry several hours later. This thing was seam less – both cars cranked as if their batteries were completely charged.

if you’re looking at the 660, but want something even more hardcore – buy this unit. It’s worth it, it’s not a toy (heavy as hell) and will jump start anything. no frills attached, no light, no nothing. just a jumpstarter. (review source)

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