Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

Product Name:Jump-N-Carry JNC660
Brand:Clore Automotive
Peak Amp:1700
For:Regular cars/SUVs
Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter
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Power to Help You Overcome the Dilemma of A Dead Battery!

Product information

This portable, handheld jump starter will get it done for you, just as it does daily for thousands of professionals. Its 46″ cable reach is ideal to reach the starting points of most vehicles and it boasts unrivaled power and durability.

The JNC660 delivers 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps of starting power and weighs just 18 lbs. Perfect for a variety of professional starting environments, including automotive service, fleet service, auto dealerships, auto auctions, marinas, implement dealerships, and more.

It’s All About the Battery

The JNC660 and JNC660C feature our JNC105 Clore PROFORMER battery, specifically designed for vehicle jump starting. Extreme starting power, extended cranking duration and incredible durability are just a few benefits of our PROFORMER battery.

Built-in Automatic Recharging

Both models feature automatic recharging using a built-in charger – just connect any extension cord. Charging status LEDs let you know when full charge has been reached. Both models can remain connected to AC power indefinitely without adverse affect.

Long Reach, Heavy-Duty Cables

All components in a JNC are designed to support the delivery of extreme starting power, including the power path components. 46″ long, heavy-gauge cables efficiently transfer the unit’s power to the vehicle, while heavy-duty clamps penetrate battery corrosion.

A video of JNC660 in use

Reviews and testimonials

This is one of the highest rated battery jumpers on Amazon and other online stores. With good reason! One verified customer writes:

Bigger vehicles like most SUVs require more amps to get them started.
Spinning big engines take a lot more Amps. Even with small cars you need
a lot of Amps to get them started if the battery is completely drained or if
the temperature outside is very low. Also with a good jumper pack you get
multiple start ups before you need to recharge it. I had a few smaller
jumper packs before these ones and some times i couldn’t get the cars started.
I also had two other brands of big jumper packs and i had some problems
with those too. Right now i have nine of these in my company and i am really
happy with them. I intend to buy three more within the next few weeks. (source)

Another verified buyer writes:

If you can’t start your car or truck with this thing, you have bigger problems than a dead battery! This unit is one of the most powerful portable battery jumpers out there at 1700 peak amps. That’s almost twice as powerful as many other lower quality competitors.

This is not a “multi-purpose” unit that you will find at the local big box store. It’s not an air compressor, radio, flashlight, food processor and battery jumper. It’s only a battery jumper, although it does have a “cigarette-lighter” style socket to power other items if needed.

This is a great product, but consider this before you buy it: This model may not be for everyone. This is a professional grade item and is not intended to be used by people unfamiliar with proper battery jumping procedures. Here’s why I say this:

1. Some battery jumping devices have a feature that will alert you if you hook the jumper cables up incorrectly. This unit has no such feature.

2. Some have safety switches that remove power to the cables while you are hooking them up. This unit has no such switch.

3. Some battery jumpers have sophisticated chargers that won’t allow you to overcharge the battery. Not this one. When you plug it in to recharge it, you can’t just walk away for 2 days and let it charge. You have to monitor it during the recharging process.

4. Some battery jumpers have a set of generic lights to tell you the current state of charge of the booster box. Not this one. It has a voltmeter on the front and you need to know how to read it.

Now, none of these items is THAT big of a deal, but I thought it was worth mentioning. If you aren’t familiar with how to properly jump-start a car, you may be better off with another model with more “dummy-proof” features.

One last comment: This Jump n Carry comes with a redeemable certificate for a one-time replacement unit. If (for ANY reason) this unit stops working during its lifetime, you send it back to the company with the certificate (along with $50) and they will repair or replace it, no questions asked. Not a bad deal!

Bottom Line: If you need the most power in a single-purpose jumper box, buy this one! (read more)

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