Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter with Light

Product Name:Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL
Brand:Clore Automotive
Peak Amp:900
For:Smaller/regular cars
Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter with Light
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  • 12 Volt operation, 900 peak amps and 225 cranking amps
  • 27″ #4 AWG cables and full size clamps to penetrate battery corrosion
  • Equipped with a work light for nighttime jump starting convenience
  • DC outlet to power 12 volt accessories

The JNC300XL, with its exclusive Clore PROFORMER battery, is the go-anywhere, store-anywhere jump starter that delivers power like you wouldn’t believe.

Weighing just 9 lbs, you’d never believe the amount of vehicles it can start, over and over again. It is powerful enough to start most passenger vehicles, 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders, and even larger vehicles.

Key features

Impressive Cable Reach

Each lead provides 27″ of reach for a combined cable span of over 54″. This is immensely helpful when trying to make a proper vehicle connection.

Battery Status LEDs

The JNC300XL features battery status LEDs to let you know when it needs to be recharged.

12V Power and Flashlight

The JNC300XL features a 12V socket to power a variety of accessories, plus a flashlight for nighttime use.

Reviews and customer testimonials

Below are some reviews of the JNC300xl. The general opinion seems to be that it will start 4 and 6 cylinder cars, depending on “how dead” your battery is. I see many people trying to start larger engines (3l +) and V8 engines with no luck, so if that’s the case, I’d probably go for Schumacher PSJ 2212

This thing will jump start your 4, 6, or maybe even 8 cylinder engine, depending on how dead your battery is. The conductor only touches one side of the clamp, so try and make sure that side of the clamp is in better contact with the dead battery’s terminal. If you need an occasional boost, this will work for you, if you keep up with the charging instructions. Do not rely on this unit if you plan to use it regularly or do not keep up with the charging instructions. Read on

Got this as a plan B for those cold-soaked strandings when my car has been parked at the airport for days at a time. However, the product manual basically says this is really only effective at room tempature, and to store at such. In other words, not practical to keep in your car during the winter. Haven’t had to use it yet, and maybe this is an caveat for all of these type of devices, so I cant comment on it’s effectivenes. I’ll keep it, because it’s better than nothing! Seems to be well constructed and thougth out, like the light. Continue reading

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