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How to Choose A Portable Car Jump Starter

In this day and age, portability is key. Gadgets become smaller and smaller so they will not take so much space and they are not difficult to transport. This goes the same to car jump starters. You want something you can stash in your car without being too bulky and during emergencies, it can also serve another purpose — that being a battery charger for your other devices. The popularity of portable car jump starters are eminent with the number...
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Cheap Car Jump Starters

Car jump starters need not be expensive. This will depend on what kind of vehicle you’re driving and preferences, of course. For those who own small cars, motorcycles and boats, you do not need a high-powered jump starter. The cheaper ones are small, compact and easy to carry. Want to know what are some of the cheap but powerful car jump starters out there? Read on. Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL  The JNC300XL is a gem in this category. Small but it is...
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