Portable Battery Boosters- Why Power is Important

Portable battery boosters become more of a necessity nowadays. Gone are the days when you depend solely on jump starter cables and relying on your neighbor’s car to get yours started. Portable battery boosters make our lives easier which is why I highly recommend it. Having it stashed in your car can help you in case you lose battery power while on the road.

There are several kinds of battery boosters in the market now and you can get overwhelmed if you do not know exactly what to look for. There are only a few things to consider when getting a battery booster and it need not be complicated. One of them is to identify how powerful do you need your battery booster to be. This article will focus mainly on that.

Are they powerful enough?

How big is your vehicle? If it is not a truck or a big car, you do not necessarily need to get a high-powered battery booster. There are battery boosters that are compact and lightweight and can easily fit in your glove compartment. These are the kind that can jump start smaller vehicles, motorcycles and even your lawnmowers. Cool huh?

Small Vehicle Battery Boosters

One of the portable battery boosters for smaller cars is the NOCO Genius G26000. It can start engines up to 6 Liters (6000 cc) from cars and boats to motorcycles and lawn mowers — according to the data sheet, but if I had a big engine car, I would get something more powerful.

Compact and powerful, this device has specialized charging modes which can help recover severely drained batteries.

To learn more about the NOCO Genius G2600, check out this video by NOCO:

Other portable battery boosters in this category are the Anker PowerCore Jump Starter 600 and the Anker Compact Car Jump Starter. The Anker brand is considered as Amazon’s #1 mobile charging brand so you are sure about the quality of their products.

Satisfied Customers from Amazon are raving about the Anker products:

4/5 Stars for the Anker PowerCore Jump Starter 600

I do commercial HVAC and travel about 100 – 200 miles a day. Drained batteries are a norm for me. Having this in my truck makes them a snap to deal with. Bought it a couple weeks ago and after the first week was already able to use it to jump start a stranded mans acura no prob. It was simple to use and an extreme time saver rather than having to get the vehicles close enough for jumper cables. Works great as a charger too. My only gripe is that you have to use the power plug they provided to charge it. Either from an electrical outlet or a car 12v plug. I don’t know why they couldn’t just put a micro USB charging port like all other external batteries but it was kinda disappointing to see. The case is nice, it has a thick insert pad where the battery rest when not in use. The other side holds the jumper cables and charging cords. It is a big carrying case and is in no way small, be sure you have room to pack it. And finally the light is good and has multiple settings which is nice but I haven’t needed to use it much other than to make sure it works. A. Velasco- Amazon Customer

5/5 Stars for the Anker Compact Car Jump Starter

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical that such a compact battery could pack enough juice to start a car engine, or hold a charge long enough to be useful. This week mine was put to the test. When I got mine, I noticed that it arrived fully charged so I just tossed it behind the seat of my pickup and sort of forgot about it. Two months later, I went out to start the truck and noticed that my battery was completely dead. I had left the dome light on for the entire weekend. The power door lock wouldn’t even operate, so dead was the battery. Then I remembered my Anker jump starter. I pulled it out, hooked it up and went to crank the engine, half expecting it to do nothing. But it gave a very strong crank and fired right up. By the way, my truck has a 4.6 liter V-8! This is so much simpler, quicker, and more convenient that jump starting off another vehicle. Pete- Amazon Customer

Big Vehicle Battery Boosters

Bigger vehicles require a more powerful battery booster. If you own a big car or a truck, there are some high-performing battery boosters worth looking into. One of them is the Schumacher PSJ2212. It has up to 2200 peak amps and 330 cranking amps to power up your car battery. It also serves as a power source for any 12 Volt plug accessories. You can read our review of Schumacher PSJ2212 here.

Another one is the Jump-N-Carry JNC950. This is the largest 12 Volt unit from Clore Automotive. It is durable and heavy-duty. Same goes for the Jump-N-Carry JNC660. With up to 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps, the JNC660 can power up big engines like SUVs and car trucks. We’ve written a bit about the JNC660 and other JNC-models here.

There are a lot of satisfied customers for the Jump-N-Carry Line of battery boosters.

5/5 for Jump-N-Carry JNC950

We use this jump starter everyday usually several times a day to help guests at our commercial shopping center. It works much better than any other type of jump starter pack and what I like best about it is that you can replace the battery when it no longer holds a charge. No need to buy another jump pack. It will definitely save money in the long run. Those cheap imitation jump packs can’t stand up to repeated chargings and uses. Ben, Amazon Customer

5/5 for

excellent transaction!!! great battery boosters! no need for a separate transformer, the unit plugs directly into the wall!! Being the owner of a car dealership, we put these through the test, using them 10-15 times a day, we have had other makes in the past, but nothing lasts as long as these, plus they give you a $40 one time coupon in case anything breaks,wheather you did it ot not , they will give you a new one. no questions asked!!! Joe Vertucci, Amazon Customer

The more expensive the battery booster, the better reliability especially in cold weather. It can also charge longer and can jump start large vehicles without fail.

When looking for portable battery boosters, consider power. This, for me, is the most important factor when choosing a battery booster.


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